Enrolling your Child

To secure enrolment of your child you will need to do the following: 

  • Contact the Centre to book a Tour 
  • Complete the Placement Request Application and submit it with the $10 fee. This will come off your $50 administration fee that is payable upon enrolment

Fee Policy

Our Fee Policy is in line with the standard policy for Child Care Centres, which is as follows:

  • Fees are payable weekly or fortnightly in advance through Ezidebit. 
  • Any days your child misses must still be paid for (this does not apply when the Centre is closed over the Christmas period)
  • If your permanent day falls on a public holiday you are required to pay for that day.
  • We require that a $50 non-refundable administration fee is paid on enrolment. This is an annual fee.

The centre operates fifty weeks per year and only closes for two weeks over the Christmas/New Year period. The specific dates that we are closed for each Christmas break will be advised to all parents well in advance.

We are closed on all normal NSW public holidays. Fees remain payable even when the child is absent through illness or for any other reason. Fees are not payable for the time the centre is closed over the Christmas/New Year period and on Public Holidays over the Christmas/New Year period.

Fee Scale

Our daily fee scale (prior to deducting any of the available fee subsidies) is:

  • 0-36 months      $97.50 per day 
  • 3 - 5 years         $92.50 per day

Late Payment of Fees

Centre Management has the authority to terminate an enrolment at the Centre where fees remain outstanding for two or more weeks and no agreement to pay is in place.

Placements may also be terminated where an enrolled child is absent from the Centre for two weeks or more without prior written notice given.

Continual or habitual lateness in payment of fees can jeopardise the child’s place at the Centre.

Child Care Benefit (CCB) and Child Care Rebate (CCR)

From 2 July 2018, there will be a New Child Care Package, providing more support for more families.

Puggles Child Care will ensure that it meets all requirements to be an Accredited Centre under the Federal Government’s Childcare Benefit Scheme (CCB). If eligible, you may be able to claim your CCB as reduced fees.
Upon enrolment of your child, you will be given information about applying for Child Care Benefit through the Family Assistance Office. A form is generally available from the office. The parent is then responsible for contacting the Family Assistance Office (Phone No. 136150) providing evidence of income and completing the childcare application forms as required by the Department.

When applying for CCB, you will need to provide the Family Assistance Office with the name of the Centre and Provider Number.

Once you have applied for CCB, a letter will be sent to you which will state the percentage of Childcare Benefit that you are eligible for. This must be brought into the centre along with your family CRN (customer reference number); child’s CRN; parent DOB (date of birth) and child’s DOB.

Please note:

a) The Child Care Benefit will only be available to families from the date stamped on the application by the Family Assistance Office. The full fee is payable for any period where a Child Care Benefit assessment has not been received by the Centre, or where the assessment is no longer current.

b) The parent is obliged to contact the Family Assistance Office if there is any change to his or her circumstances that may have a bearing on the amount of fees to be paid and their eligibility for any subsidy.

Child Care Benefit Information is confidential and seen by the Director and Office Manager only.

The CCB is based on an approved hourly fee, not on our centre fee. Therefore, it can be quite complicated to work out what your reduced fee will be. For example 100% Childcare Benefit does not mean you do not pay any fee. When the centre receives your notification of percentage, we will work out your reduced fee and let you know what your weekly fee will be.

Family Assistance Office Phone Number: 136150

Provider Number: 407 359 989 B

Child Care Rebate (CCR)

An additional payment to help with your child care costs if you’re eligible for Child Care Benefit.

Eligibility basics


  • use approved child care
  • claim and are eligible for Child Care Benefit, even if your income means your Child Care Benefit payment is $0
  • meet the rebate Work, Training, Study test or meet an exception