Do I need to supply meals?

Our aim at Puggles Child Care Centre is to provide a healthy, balanced diet for the children and to encourage healthy eating habits.


The children receive all meals, consisting of a nutritionally balanced menu of morning tea, hot lunch, and afternoon tea. Please do not send any lollies, sweet drinks, chips etc.


All drinks for the Echidnas and Joeys are provided throughout the day.


All food is prepared on the premises with a weekly menu planned to ensure a variety of food is offered. The menu is always displayed beside the sign in sheets.


Please ensure that you inform staff of any allergies or diet restrictions your child may have.


Puggles Child Care Centre has a Nut Free Policy. Please do not send your child with any type of product that contains nuts or traces of nuts.



Anaphylaxis is the most acute and serious form of allergy. Approximately 1 in 200 individuals will experience such a reaction. Nuts are responsible for many such reactions.

For this reason the Centre is a “Nut Free Zone”. Peanut butter and other nut based products are not provided.


What to I need to bring?
It will be necessary to provide the following:



·          A child’s bag (needs to fit into locker space)

·          2 pairs of underpants (more if toilet training)

·          1 spare set of clothing – always allow for the seasons (more if toilet training)

·          A wide brimmed hat (can be purchased at the Office)

·          A pillow bag (to contain a sheet and pillow)

·          A cuddly toy or other comforting item for rest time (optional)

·          Bottles and milk for 0-2’s

·          Nappies (6 per day for babies)


Make sure your child’s clothing, bag, pillow bag etc is “child friendly” i.e. is sufficiently easy for the child to be able to perform tasks themselves, thus helping them to become more independent (eg elastic waistbands, velcro on shoes).


All clothing, footwear, bag etc. need to be clearly labelled, so that staff can return all items to their correct owner. Lost property is located near the front door. Please check this regularly. Items not collected will be disposed of after a period of 1 month.

Please dress your child in comfortable clothing that is easily removed for toileting and suitable for running, climbing, painting and playing in materials such as sand, water etc. Make sure your child is also wearing safe, comfortable shoes. Thongs and clogs are not acceptable.