The staff at Puggles are committed to providing a high quality program that caters for the needs, interests and abilities of all children. In order to do this staff:

  • Regularly observe children’s skills and interests
  • Consult with children’s families

These observations allow staff to set individual goals, devise strategies to achieve these goals, keep track of each child’s progress, and plan appropriate experiences for further learning and development.

In early childhood, play is considered the key way in which children learn. Therefore the program and the environment are carefully arranged so that children have access to a range of resources that challenge in order to develop new skills or practice recently acquired ones.

Children’s participation in a variety of activities is valued at Puggles, rather than the production of a high standard object or result. Thus the program is aimed at developing each child’s confidence in his/her own ability, and the desire to take on new challenges.

A copy of the program is displayed each week and provides a wide range of individual and group experiences, which foster all areas of children’s development. This includes:

  • Personal & Interpersonal Development
  • Physical Development
  • Creative & Aesthetic Development
  • Intellectual Development
  • Language & Literacy Development
  • Self Help Skills

Group and individual observations, daily reflections, photographs and children’s work are documented and delivered to families via Storypark..

Each child’s development is regularly monitored by their Educators. Parents are welcome to ask staff about their child’s development at any time.

Excursions & Special Events

The program also includes excursions and visits by entertainers to complement and extend children’s learning about the wider community.